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Before delivery or pick up of any Bouncers Backyard Rentals castle the renter must sign the following liability waiver. One will be supplied to you at time of purchase.

Liability Waiver

In consideration of the rental of the bouncy unit, the lessee agress to the following:

  • ●  The lessee will provide adult (persons 21 years of age and over) supervision for the duration of the rental. BOUNCERS BACKYARD RENTALS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES/ACCIDENTS THAT MAY OCCUR WHILE USING THE BOUNCY UNIT. Please note that you understand and agree that you are signing this rental agreement on behalf of your own children as well as ALL the attendees while you are in possession of the bouncy unit.

  • ●  The lessee is responsible for the set­up and the take­down of the bouncy unit and will assume all responsibility for injuries while in possession of the bouncy unit.

  • ●  In the event of severe weather conditions (rain, high winds etc.) we reserve the right to cancel your reservations. In the event of inclement weather PRIOR the delivery or lessee pick up of the bouncy unit, the lessee will NOT be charged for the bouncy unit. If the weather turns inclement after the delivery/pick up, payment, and signed documents are complete, the lessee will be charged the full amount agreed upon and a refund will NOT be given.

  • ●  If the equipment (bouncer, blower etc.) is damaged beyond repair as a result of negligence of the lessee, the lessee will be charged the full retail value of the equipment in question.

  • The lessee acknowledges that the bouncy unit is intended for use for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years. The lessee understands that NO ADULTS are allowed to use the bouncer at ANY time.

  • I have read and understand the terms listed above of this liability waiver and fully agree to adhere to these terms to the best of my ability.

Safety Rules and Regulations

The following safety rules and regulations are to ensure the safety of all the littles ones who will participate in using the bouncy units.
Individuals with head, back, or any other disabilities, small infants, and others susceptible to injury from fall, bumps or bouncing are not permitted to use the bouncy units at any time.

The following safety rules and regulations MUST be followed at all times.

  • ●  Adult supervision is present at all times.

  • ●  Bouncy unit capacity and age indicated on your Rental Agreement shall not be exceeded.  No adults permitted.

  • ●  Children should all be of compatible size.

  • ●  Bounce away from others and sides.

  • ●  No jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, and other valuable items are allowed.

  • ●  No sharp or fragile objects are allowed.

  • ●  No pets allowed in or touching the bouncy unit.

  • ●  No shoes are allowed. Children who wear socks or go bare foot are permitted.

  • ●  No eating, chewing gum, silly string, or other sticky substances in the bouncy unit at any time.

  • ●  No smoking or open flames within 100 feet if the bouncy unit.

  • ●  Please allow at least 30 minutes if food if ingested prior to playing in the bouncy unit.

  • ●  No rough play such as fighting, wrestling, flips, somersaults, or other activities that can result in injury.

  • ●  Please keep hands away from netting as often as possible.

  • ●  Do not set up bouncy units on slopes or hills, bouncy units must be set up on level ground.

  • ●  Bouncy units must NEVER be dragged over or set up on rough surfaces (i.e. asphalt, concrete, gravel, and any other rough surfaces). Please check the area for any large rocks, sticks, or sharp objects. These items MUST be removed from the area prior to the set up.

    Emergency Procedures

  • ●  Emergencies can arise at any given time. Bouncers CANNOT be used when there is severe rain and or lighting conditions or if winds exceed 25 km per hour. Please assist children in exiting the bouncy unit and turn off the blower to deflate the unit. Once the rain stops, the bouncer can be dried with towels and inflated again.

  • ●  If there is a sudden loss of power, please assist children in exiting the bouncy unit as fast as possible as the unit will deflate quickly.

  • ●  If the bouncy unit is damaged, please assist the children off the unit and turn off the blower. Please record with as much detail as possible what happened and call us immediately. Please refrain from using the bouncy unit going forward.